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LIESH Therapy
This acronym stands for:
Light Induced Enhanced Selective Hyperthermia


... which in itself basically summarizes all the characteristics of this new therapy. Although defined as a therapy, this new approach to cancer treatment is better identified as a new surgical procedure, which, in spite of this appropriate label, turns out to be in fact a non-invasive method of tumor de-bulking and destruction, at least for cutaneous and subcutaneous ones.

In other words, the procedure in itself is non-invasive, as contradictory as this might seem when describing surgery; still the access to the affected site might involve invasive methods, as in the case of internal organs.

This new procedure relies on the use of a proprietary LASER System, of a wavelength not significantly absorbed by human tissue and emitting a low power broad beam, which cannot produce damage on tissue under normal conditions.

Actually the L.I.E.S.H. approach to cancer treatment is a form of Photo-dynamic Therapy, but much improved from its original form, combined with some of the pinciples utilized in Radio-fractionated Hyperthermia.

Both Photo-dynamic Therapy and Radio-fractionated Hyperthermia are FDA approved; however, due to limitations in the available delivery equipment, they cannot be utilized to treat larger tumors.

The LAILT System I, proprietary of LASE MED, Inc. and utilized in the delivery of the L.I.E.S.H. Therapy, is designed to handle any size of tumor.

The methodology component of the LMI's therapy involves a simple way of altering the human tissue absorption characteristics, only within the neoplastic growth, so that strictly the malignant tissue will fully absorb the energy from the LASER beam and exclusively the cells constituting the unwanted growth will reach a deadly temperature level, be subject to irreversible damage and therefore die, either immediately or within 48 hours.


In order to practically implement this approach, the LMI's therapy relies also on the use of something similar to a surgical stain, which is directly injected into the malignant growth and can almost instantly spread uniformly within the entire mass of the unwanted growth.

This product is identified as "the enhancer" because it enhances the cells' sensitivity to the particular LASER light utilized in this treatment; several different compounds could be used for this purpose, but with less effective results. For this reason it is important to rely on LMI's proprietary stain, called OxyM, which is water soluble and completely innocuous, in other words with the same side-effects of a saline solution. In lay terms, during an application of the L.I.E.S.H. Therapy, what happens at the cellular level could be described by the following practical example:

Imagine a parking lot full of either white or black cars and completely illuminated by sun light, during a summer afternoon; the white cars will become warm, but the black ones will overheat to a point that it is not possible to simply step into them, before the air conditioning has had a chance to do its job.

This scenario practically describes what happens during a session of the L.I.E.S.H. Therapy, if the white cars are assumed to represent the healthy cells and the black ones to represent the enhanced cancer cells.

The idea of destroying cancer with heat is certainly not new and has been widely accepted for a very long time, but has had very limited applications because it was finally concluded that, in order to ensure destruction of the cancerous growth, it is necessary to reach a temperature deadly to healthy cells as well.

Many attempts have been made to bypass this problem and some methodologies have been developed like:
localized hyperthermia, laserthermia, radio-fractionated hyperthermia and TTT. But they all have limitations and cannot complete the job, because they cannot achieve total necrosis and, unless the entire mass of neoplastic tissue is destroyed, the cancer will continue to grow.

With the L.I.E.S.H. approach to fighting cancer, it is possible to eventually achieve total necrosis, independently from the original size of the malignant growth, because the therapy is delivered in multiple sessions and because its repeatability is unlimited, due to the absence of really negative side effects.

The number of individuals treated with our L.I.E.S.H. Therapy is constantly increasing; all patients have been and are confirmed cancer cases, many of them already diagnosed as terminal .
Additionally all of our patients, while undergoing and following this treatment, have experienced visible and drastic improvement to their condition, without negative side effects.

Usually within three months of the treatment, the major immune response begins. However, it can be verified as inflammation by way of CT scan with contrast, or ultrasound with color Doppler.

Again, in order to achieve complete remission, it is necessary to destroy the entire neoplastic tissue mass and sometimes this is not possible because, at the sight of such unusually positive results, the patients assume to have been cured and fail to return for the full series of the L.I.E.S.H. Therapy's application.

Once the entire malignant growth is dead, it may be left in place, while waiting for the immune system to remove all the dead cells and complete the normal healing process; this is a preferred method and it is particularly good for smaller growths.

In extreme cases, when very large masses of dead cells are involved, it would be possible to surgically remove the entire necrotic lump. In cases where the tumor mass has started to extrude, before treatment, the portion exposed to air will be the first to show advanced necrosis, after being deactivated, and it will eventually dry out and slowly flake off, exposing the underlying layer, which in turn will undergo the same process .

To this date, not one patient has experienced any problem deriving from having undergone the L.I.E.S.H. Therapy, except for a heating sensation and slight discomfort during treatment, if a local anesthetic is not utilized; unless they have failed to follow our post treatment guidelines.

To this date, even patients with the severely damaged or compromised immune system, from previous treatments or disease (Kaposi's Sarcoma), have not suffered from infection of the treated area; one of the reasons for this positive occurrence is attributed to the fact that the wave length, of the LASER light utilized in this therapy, has been proven by NASA to naturally induce healing.

Although our therapy has the same successful outcome, independently from the size and stage of the type of cancer we can handle, it is advisable to select our treatment as first choice, in order to limit the expense to a very reasonable minimum, and to accelerate and simplify the healing process, not to mention eliminate the presence of bad side effects related to previous regimens and/or therapies.

To the best of our knowledge, as theoretically proven and experimentally confirmed up to this point, all of the above listed information completely summarizes effects and consequences of undergoing our proprietary L.I.E.S.H. Therapy.




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